Past Exhibitions


Fiona Davis, Suzanne Fredericks , Kerri Kerley,  Marlysse Medina, Mollie Pegler,  Julie Percy,  Helen Ross Seven complimentary artists showing works depicting colour, movement, emotion and diversity juxtaposed with grace. Their individual personalities portray their artistic journeys in various forms and techniques.  


Works on paper by Helen Brancatisano This exhibition is the culmination of numerous visits to Cockatoo Island and research into the turbulent history of the ‘Biloela’ Industrial School for Girls established on the island in  1871. Its purpose was to remove destitute girls from the streets of Sydney while providing them with an education that would enable employment in domestic positions.  The institution, however, was plagued with mismanagement and cruelty. The girls were housed in the original convict prison, and the name ‘Biloela’, an aboriginal word for ‘cockatoo’, was chosen to wipe out association with the notorious convict years on the island. In the face of their inescapable situation the girls were often defiant and vociferous. Their turbulent story moves through the island’s immutable sandstone cliffs and the physical remains of the prison. These works, including drypoint etchings, monotypes and mixed media, strive to evoke the haunting human presence of those now…

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The Balmain Association is presenting this exhibition about the protests and struggles over the years that helped to preserve our heritage, our history and our community. Issues such as ferry services, container terminal, coal loader, army at Mort Bay, Mort Housing development, the five sites etc. etc. Also early days of protest and advocacy by people such as Maybanke Anderson who lived in Wharf Rd and later produced a fortnightly paper, Woman’s Voice, in 1890s. If you have a story, some photos that you would like included in the exhibition please contact one of the following. Email: or phone Kathleen 9818 4954, Ross 9810 8592 Please join us for drinks at 2pm Saturday 8 April The exhibition will be open during April on Saturdays 8, 15, 22 and 29, 11.30 to 3pm and Tuesdays 11, 18, 25 11am to 1pm.    


Little Lost Girl Graham Wilson Graham is a self published local author who formerly lived in Balmain and now lives in the Rocks. He has written 3 novels called the ‘Old Balmain House’ Series. These are predominantly set in Balmain from the 1840s to current day. To date he has sold them overseas as ebooks. He is now releasing the second edition as a print book to be launched on Thursday 23 February, 6-8 pm. Graham invites all to attend. From the author’s note: This is a work of fiction. However many locations and parts of the history of Balmain are true. For those who are interested there is factual information behind the story in the Appendix. The idea for this novel began soon after they purchased a much loved cottage in Balmain where they found a sepia photo of a small girl who lived in the house about 100…

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If you are worried about traffic congestion and the WestConnex you should consider the how people moved around in the early days. Duncan MacLausan’s book Balmain Peninsula Transport History will enlighten you and make a great christmas gift for family and friends. To be launched 2pm Saturday 10th December at the Balmain Watch House, 179 Darling St, Balmain. In Duncan’s words “They say that you wait ages for a bus and then two come at once. For me that seems to be the case with writing books. In December two of my transport history projects come to fruition; one on Balmain and the other on Sydney’s horse buses. Balmain’s transport history is fascinating including ferries, trams, railways, horse and motor buses, from the early days when watermen rowed residents from Millers Point to wharves at the east end of the peninsula. As the population grew the watermen formed a ferry…

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  “L’Art du Voyage” is based on three months travel I did last year in the Autumn months. I journeyed to London, Wales, Ireland, France, Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Malta with their magnificent art collections. This will be Catherine Harry’s 4th exhibition at The Watch House. The other three successful shows have also been based on journey and the joys of discovery and learning through travel. For a painting to succeed the artist needs to realise a vision and interpret it imaginatively. If you’re making work about a particular experience and place you have to spend time absorbing and being immersed in it. The last 15 years I have spent long periods of time in Europe with first hand contemplation of masterworks in galleries giving invaluable insight. My work is about story telling, poetry and experimenting with mark making and methods of paint application that retain an abstract quality yet read…

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Crystallise brings together the artistic expression of Christine Young and Margaret Kelly artistic and social concerns with imaginative, visual and social cognition and how these forces crystallise as experience in the external world. Lit by crystal, Christine’s peacocks and lyrebirds, take flights of fanciful imagination to of irrealis, a place of possibility where the horizon might meet the sea or the fire touches the earth. Margaret’s work, like a meditation, offers the viewer white space and the chance to quietly process the intensity of the juxtaposition of colours and patterns in one section of the collage.  Black and white ink lines wrap around the concentration of concrete forms and intrudes into these white shapes, reflecting the tension between meditation and our busy lives.  


Graham Cheney , Barbara Newton and Talia Iaconis are three art educators who have come together for a group exhibition defining a passion for the landscape and the figure. They are able to adapt a subject matter such as ‘Figures and the landscape’ in the most unique and individual ways. They capture the essence of the landscape through varying techniques but also their own source of knowledge, degrees of experience and understanding of the subject matter. To each artist their landscape tells a completely different story and arouses senses of colour, form and light in its individual representation, at times transcending from a flat surface into 3D form.    

There will be an exhibition of ferries, trams and buses and a return of the popular story boards “Callan Park: Compassion and Conflict in the Asylum”.  


An exhibition of works created in Beijing, China by Australasian artist Rone Waugh aka Wu Long Curated by Shen Xue  In these works the artist has set out give his views on modern day China in an innovative and ground-breaking format. PAINTING WITH LIGHT  Incorporating painting and traditional calligraphy with modern materials Waugh has developed a method of utilising layers of plastic film illuminated by LED adding a further dimension to the works. Waugh conceptualised this format during a three month residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. The works have received recognition from the Australian Government with a Highly Commended Certificate at the inaugural Arts in Asia Awards.


Helen Ross has long held a love of colour, originally in textiles, spinning and dyeing her own yarn for large tapestries and more recently in painting. After 20 years overseas, Helen returned to Australia where largely self-taught she explored the impact of acrylics and the fragility of watercolour. Her works are always motivated by colour and a sense of life. Keen to learn more, Helen studied under the guidance of Wendy Sharpe, Joe Bezzina and Jo Bertini. In recent years, Helen has enjoyed success in solo and group shows and has been invited to exhibit in sponsored events and private commissions. Her works are now held in private collections in Australia, USA, Canada and UK as well as corporate collections in Canada. Helen invites her many visitors from previous exhibitions and their friends are invited to enjoy celebratory drinks on Friday night.  


A collection of works by 8 exhibiting members of the Warringah Printmakers Studio: Sue McLeod, Brenda Livermore, Kate Furnell, Karen Steele, Bernadette Facer, Julia Sample and Tracy McCarthy. Making a mark is about the ways in which the artists line, meets the world and abstracting its contrasts. From landscape to natural elements, from cliff faces to coastal places to contours of private and common significance. Tracking the serendipitous and subjective mark-making toward the historic and even the heroic, epochal by means of print, artist-books and sculpture.    


The Balmain Peninsula Park Painters are holding their 13th annual exhibition. It will feature many of the local community’s favourite scenes and subjects, as well as a variety of other works, including overseas, still life and animals. This group of artists has been very successful in their long history of annual public exhibitions at the Watch House and a special exhibition at the invitation of the Westpac Bank in Balmain. They have regularly exhibited, sold works and won awards at various art exhibitions.  


Mamas With Easels is a fun and friendly community based hub for mums who love and thrive on all things creative, colourful and artful. Inspired by nature, a love for painting, drawing and creating, they are unified by a passion to express their own uniqueness and sense of self.  A quest to nurture the spark within all of us, being creative in any form promotes balance and vitality. This is particularly important in the role of being a mother. A positive and creative outlook fans growth and a healthy self-esteem. The exhibition aims to support the creative journey of dedicated and devoted mamas as well as give everyone the opportunity to enjoy some very beautiful, vibrant and unique artwork. Made from the heart, with love.


MODEMA mosaicists, Mollie Pegler, Deb Kane, Margaret Tessarolo; Artists Chris Beard, Fiona Davis and Quilter Margaret Besley have combined to present this vibrant, colourful exhibition of their work. The mosaicists use both traditional and modern techniques in their sculptural creations. The experienced artists work in watercolour and acrylic to express their interpretation of nature while the juxtaposition of the colourful textile art sits well with the paintings and mosaic pieces    


This exhibition is by three visual artists from around the world who explore themes of the exterior and interior world. April White is an award-winning artist. Originally from Canada the paintings in this show have influences from Australia, Canada and her own interior world. Yoka Terzic is an artist born in Yugoslavia. She explores themes of personal identity and mythology influenced by outsider art and early cultures. She will be showing ink drawing and paintings. Nicholas Beckett will be displaying illustrations for two authors. One a writer of modern fairy tales in Canada and the other writes about life in the urban sprawl of Philadelphia.  


This is the first group exhibition by four Sydney artists, drawn together through interconnecting and longstanding friendships and their backgrounds in graphic design. It will highlight the individual nature of their artistic paths and the inspiration they find in all that surrounds them. The pieces presented in ‘First by 4’ will be as individual the four artists who have created them – four women who have been drawn together through friendship, and who all have a background in graphic design. Nita Lewis has reverted to charcoal drawings in an effort to simplify her approach, after oil painting for many years. Jo Martin is inspired by nature, especially the ocean. She focuses on sustainability, aiming to create her artworks from found or gifted pieces. Nicole Miranda is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist who works in the mediums of painting and ceramics; she is influenced by the beauty of the natural world. Nina Paine…

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Danielle Gild exhibits her latest works in this solo exhibition. Through layers of colour and a degree of abstraction, Dan’s new works expressively interpret landscape, responses to her urban and domestic world in acrylics on both canvas and paper. Dan has also found a passion for ceramics and will be showing some of her explorations in working with clay.    


Sandy & Sandy are two artists who have been friends since art school days.  They create affordable art based on all aspects of life and scenes from Balmain to Ryde and from the inner west of Sydney to west of the blue mountains.  Both Sandys have an affinity with colour and use light with an impressionistic approach that adds vigour to their art.  The exhibition includes landscapes, still-life, country and urban scenes on paper & canvas.  The diversity of scenes from urban to country life is a contrast that is not only interesting but quite profound.  The abstract to realistic styles of both artists will take the viewer on a fascinating journey. Their painterly styles are complemented by their love of colour and light.  Come along!    


Come and read the stories of individuals, families and communities living near one another and their connections to the churches, local sporting groups, schools and most importantly parks. Add your story or special memory of an event to the number already there whether you have lived in Balmain, worked in Balmain, played sport in Balmain, swam in Dawn Fraser Pool or simply visited Balmain. Join us for the opening this Saturday at 2:00pm with wine and nibbles John Thomson, known to his many friends as Jack, has spent all his life in Balmain. Born in 1927 Jack remembers the days of the Depression, when kind greengrocers put aside “specs”, fruit which had spots on it that they gave to hungry children. As well Jack’s childhood had it trials. Jack will be attending the Watch House at the Exhibition Opening and will sign any sale of Jack’s Story from 2:00pm Saturday…

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Three Sydney based artists present their latest works in this visual extravaganza using a range of mediums including paintings, mixed media and light projections. Nicholas Beckett presents “Jewels and Fools” Oil paintings on wood and canvas dealing with the frailty of the human condition and the ways in which we navigate this difficult world. Kathryn Henry is showing Mixed media works on canvas and wood – using acrylic paint, oil paint, wax oil crayons. In this body of work she returns to painting exploring illusion via layering within the picture plane, the resulting works a series of process based experiments. Natalie Cassaniti presents,  ‘Odyssey of Dreams Pt I & II’ self-portraits done 10 years apart exploring the themes of self as works on paper and, “Sin, Seduction and Sirens of the Sea” a series of paintings of Mermaids, their power and allure. For more information visit the website  


‘In the middle of the game’ is Sunmee Lee’s second solo exhibition. Sunmee Lee is Sydney based artist and a student of interior design. She endeavours to combine art and interior areas. Her works reflects her daily life as a play so she chooses photographs as a tool to visualise her concept. In daily life, she perceives the images from the walls, streets, buildings and nature.  She synthesizes her photographs into a story. This exhibition is another extension of it. She explores her emotions, experiences and thoughts in her unique methods. Every individual wanders `in the middle of the game called life’.  


Step into the whimsical imaginings of mixed media artist Alisa Burlington an artist from the quaint town of Rylstone, NSW. She is a graduate from The Sydney College Of the Arts and is the Director of Jewellery label Mon Alisa Design. Her exhibition explores the art of transcendence through both physical and imaginative themes. Weaving narratives through varying collections to reawaken perceptions of awe and wonder for the child within. Here you will find myriad delightful trinkets including bespoke pieces of jewellery, vintage doily dream catchers, hand wired birdcages and vibrant paintings depicting sweet musings from the Artists childhood inspirations. Facebook page: Blog:  


This will be an exciting exhibition and sale. Friends of Callan Park will have their exhibition Compassion and Conflict in The Asylum comprising 21 story boards of patients, staff and children who grew up within the walls and the broader community who care about Callan Park. A book with its history, these stories and photographs of these people has been produced and will be available for sale $10. Balmain Library Knitters will display a selection of their of work and their “Wrapped with Love” story board. Find out more about their meetings.    


Great opportunity to start your Christmas shopping with original artwork by Richard Sercombe, including mixed media and acrylic works of differing styles and sizes. Two relaxed weekend sales with wine and nibbles all weekend.  Come along at any time and enjoy some wine, nibbles and the artwork.    


We are a community based group who have come together over the last few years to paint and as time has passed to develop and explore our individual styles. We have formed a strong bond through our time spent painting and discussing all manner of topics. From solving the problems of the world to the latest play or newest movie or even the mini crisis that has occurred at home. We have found that the great support and encouragement from within the group, together with gentle reminders from Lyndall, has allowed us all to continue to pursue our desire to improve. We invite you all to come and see the latest results.


The Wednesday Art Group will once more hold their annual Watch House Exhibition showing  over  100 artworks.  Watercolours, acrylics and drawings will be for sale at very reasonable prices. The members have a schedule of scenic painting locations around Sydney.   Each place is visited for three Wednesdays to allow for completion of work.  New members are welcome.   For anyone interested in joining the group there will be plenty of encouragement and advice although there is no tuition.  This friendly group has been making art en plein air for about 20 years.  It is a great way to develop a personal artistic style.  Everyone is welcome to the exhibition opening. Email Patrick Connolly if you would like information about joining the group.  


Sharon Pincus Jacobson grew up in South Africa in the 1950’s and 60’s. She studied Art and Art History at the University of the Witwatersrand. She was involved in the struggle against apartheid and immigrated to Australia in the 1970’s. Sharon has always felt a strong desire to celebrate the Women of Africa.        


In her first exhibition Lilyfield artist, Therese has combined her love of nature with her love of bright colours to present a collection of bold floral art. Roses, poppies, irises and magnolias form a large part of the collection which also includes flowers found by a roadside in California that Therese so far has been unable to identify. Contact:  


‘A change of hART’ is the 20th annual exhibition from Balmain hART stART Studio, now in its 21st year in Balmain. Through modernist methods, and the introductory abstract painting units, all members develop a confident personal style in an atmosphere of warm friendly support. Some members have achieved the stylistic confidence to mount their own exhibition, however resident tutors Gary and Rowena emphasise that hART stART studio is a course designed for beginners.The hART stART method encourages mindfulness, personal growth, and the sincere friendship which occurs between their members. Drinks with the artists Sat. 1-3pm        


Nicole is a Sydney artist and ceramicist inspired greatly by Australian birds and flora. Works range from paintings in acrylic, water colour and gouache and organic hand built plus finished ceramic items for the home and garden. Exhibitions have included Artisans in the Gardens, Arcadian Artists Trail and the SRAS. Fiona is a originally form South Wales now residing in Sydney. She is a printmaker, enjoying lino printing as her main medium, creating prints of Sydney Harbour and Australian Flora. Recently she has been cutting her prints to create birds and flowers, enjoying collage and drawing on wood. Michelle is a Sydney artist who works with mediums including acrylics, water-colours and ceramics. Michelle has exhibited in a variety of venues including the Sydney Royal Agricultural Show and Hunters Hill Art Exhibition. This will be her first independent exhibition shared with artists with similar passions. Contact  


Original artwork by Richard Sercombe including mixed media and acrylic works of differing styles and sizes. Come along at any time over the weekend and enjoy some wine, nibbles and the artwork.  


Cassandra Pomroy is a potter and potterer based in Wagga Wagga.  She recently completed the Diploma in Ceramics at the Gymea Design Studio.  She uses her wonky hand-built work to tell not quite straight stories of adventures past, bushrangers and menstruation. Pamela Smith focuses on domestic bowls, plates and vases, with an emphasis on variations of ‘rims’.  She studied with Cass at the Gymea design Studio, Sydney Institute of TAFE and they enjoy an ongoing collaborative love of ceramics.  Pam focuses on Hardy stoneware and fragile porcelain. Irene Whitton, an inveterate traveller, has had three solo exhibitions in Sydney of her photography. She is interested in everyday life, capturing people and places in flux.  Choosing points in time with a sense of naturalism the viewer is invited into time, place and history to witness the mundane and the extraordinary, in contemporary Cuba.

Works from Sydney printmakers including the internationally award-winning artist Rew Hanks and lots of talented artists will be on sale as part of a new exhibition from the Sydney Gallery School. The exhibition will showcase original and limited-edition linocuts, lithographs, etchings, collagraphs, woodcuts and other works on paper from established and emerging printmakers from across Sydney. Jutta Fuhrmans,  mobile:  04099 719 948  email:  


We are a group of artists who met and became friends through Joe Bezzina’s  en plein air landscape class at the Royal Art Society of NSW. Outside of Joe’s class we often meet to sketch and paint at various locations in and around Sydney. We also love to pack up our painting gear and take off into the beautiful Capertee Valley for a few days of solid painting. Some of our favourite spots in the area are around Kandos and Rylstone for the old buildings, open plains and big skies where you can watch storms approaching from miles away.  Glen Davis is also another favourite location, where we have to work quickly to capture the dramatic cliffs as (their colour changes with every mood of the sky). This is the first time we have exhibited together and we hope everyone enjoys our interpretations of city and country landscapes.  


The 12 Annual Exhibition of the Balmain Peninsula Park Painters which will feature many of the local community’s favourite scenes and subjects, as well as a variety of other works, including overseas, still life and animals. This group of artists has been very successful in their long history of annual public exhibitions at the Watch House and have regularly exhibited, sold works and won awards at local community art shows in Sydney. Please come and join us for nibbles and drinks on the opening night or anytime over the weekend.  

Three exhibitions running simultaneously. 1. $660 and Under show featuring paintings by emerging and established artists for a fraction of normal retail prices. 2. Solo Show, The Painted Desert by Eddi Kewley. 3. Mixed exhibition featuring Annabel Nowlan, Robert Dickerson, Robert Simpson, Bela Ivanyi, Rosemary Valadon and others.  


  A collection of recent works – real and unedited – by Hela Donella, who fell in love with the Watch House space last year. Together with Samantha Graham Hela will conduct  2 workshops Art in Mind on Sunday 3 April 2pm – 5pm and Tuesday 5 April 11am-2pm. The workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to have an introduction to mind training techniques, who loves to view or create art or wishes to find mind tools to creativity and controlling stress including business professionals, sports people and carers of chronically sick family members to deal with stress and build resilience. Lunch/Refreshments provided COST $75 per person Bookings essential 0412 485868 or email you DO NOT have to be an artist to attend this workshop. both workshops are capped at max 15 people.  

The exhibition will uncover some of Balmain’s Past. • Rediscovering Balmain’s Lost Houses: Minevia, Kalouan, Broughton Hall, Rozelle Post Office, Birchgrove House and others. • Remembering the 1500 – Discovering Balmain’s Lost Heroes from the Great War. Contact: or  


Continued high value, quality and variety displayed by this team! Mark Coates, Fiona Davis, Mollie Pegler, Helen Ross and Diana Wallwork have created a great selection of modern and contemporary artworks. They would be delighted if you would join them to share some fine wine and friendly company.    


Simone Read’s love of colour, pattern and intricate details inspires her to paint a whimsical journey through the vast Australian landscape, capturing an abstracted view from places I have been, endeavour to explore or a journey translated for somebody else. More information:


A community based group of watercolourists who enjoy painting in their own individual styles are exhibiting the work they have completed over recent years. Led by Lyndall McKee the group is made up of Christopher Daw, Pam Jones, Jo Kennedy, Ivy Lee, Jennifer McDonald, Heather McMahon, Pat Sweet and Adriana Wall.

A group of family and friends with works depicting birds, landscapes and still life in mosaics, acrylics, watercolour and oils. The artists are Chris Beard, Marilyn Beard, Fiona Davis, Erik Dekkers and Mollie Pegler. Details are available on the artist websites: Erik Dekkers: Fiona Davis:  

Open Studio and Advanced Diploma Printmakers from the Gallery School, Meadowbank show their works on paper encompassing varied mediums and approaches. Most of these artists have been printing together for a long time in a studio filled with laughter and sharing. This exhibition celebrates a generation of special creative minds.  


extraTexture’s third biennial exhibition of a group of six textile and mixed media artists : Jane Bodnaruk, Cindy Cooper, Barbara McLennan, Margaret Millar, Kay Murray and Kerry Shelberg  Each artist has their own style but they fit well together using recycled fabrics, sewing techniques, machine made cords focusing on different themes.  

“Even though our work lives may face redundancy, our art practice, passion and commitment never will!” We are: Jack Ardill Chris Parsch Bill Passlow Abby Wang Edwina Wrobel  


Looking back over 50 years there will be a photographic display of “Then and Now” – many locations around Balmain showing the changes! There will also be a collection of architectural drawings of many houses sold in the 1970s and 80s. See if you can spot your house!!

Paintings by Richard Sercombe – start your Christmas shopping at this relaxed weekend sale with wine and nibbles all weekend.  

A group exhibition of painters under the tutelage of artist Fiona O’beirne. Contact: Elisabeth Prax-